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Luis is amazing. He has been helping me with cabinetry work for the past 6 months. I recommend him. He does has a clean finish.

Zuhey C.

Amazing service! They were very punctual and did a quick but professional job. Luis has some great suggestions for cabinet looks or placement if you're having a hard time deciding. The cabinets feel like a great quality and have a very soft and clean finish. The cabinets and drawers have "soft close hinges" which means when you close it, the door won't slam, which is an amazing feature when you have kiddos in the house. We're still working on the backsplash but over all I love the new look. Absolutely recommend!

Leticia E.

The team was extremely professional and was punctual. Very easy process got everything done quickly, enjoyed working with Luis.

Joe L.

Loving my new kitchen, stress free process thanks to Finecraft, definitely recommend. Affordable and good quality cabinets. BEAUTIFUL WORK!

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